University Services

From individualized mentorship to entire accelerator programs, I have what you need to make a thriving university startup center.

Accelerator Program

An accelerator program equips student founders with startup knowledge, industry mentors, and grant funding - all culminating in a Demo Day event. If done correctly, it can be a launchpad for student innovation. I will help you to organize all aspects of your program's inaugural cohort.


Community Hub

Creating a Community Hub for your student entrepreneurs can be a powerful way to connect your entrepreneurial ecosystem. From current students, to alumni, mentors, and investors, I can help you create a private platform that brings them together under one digital roof.


Virtual Curriculum

Teaching your students the entrepreneurial basics can prove to be invaluable. I've developed a white-label curriculum that you can use as an entry point for teaching foundational concepts such as customer discovery, market research, financial modeling, and much, much more.


Mentorship Network

Experienced alumni mentors play a pivotal role in a student entrepreneur's chance of succeeding. Establishing a mentor network can be challenging, but pay dividends for your startup program. I can help to start that mentor oureach and create an effective communication structure.


Pitch Competition

College pitch competitions provide an incredible opportunity for both the student founders that apply to them and the university organization that run them. I'm here to help with all aspects of organizing your university's pitch competition- from the initial concept to the main event.


Venture Coaching

Some student startups immensely benefit from having a personal coach and the accountability that comes along with it. I work with select student entrepreneurs to create OKRs that matter to their venture and help connect them to the necessary resources in order to accomplish them.


Let's Chat

I've worked with over 200 student entrepreneurs, and dozens of university startup centers. Here's how I can help: