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I have 5 years of direct experience working with student entrepreneurs at America's top universities. Before you think I'm too young, remember who your department is serving.

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Supporting Student Entrepreneurs Through University Startup Centers

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Hi, my name is Kevin Carter.

Some of my friends call me Coach.

As a former student entrepreneur myself at Georgetown University, I know what a game-changer it can be to have your college’s support and resources while building a venture. And as the first Student Program Manager for FastForward U - Johns Hopkins University's (JHU) student entrepreneurship center - I’ve worked with over 300 student ventures.

Beginning in Fall 2017, the FastForward U team and I laid the foundation for a university entrepreneurship center at JHU. That included opening a brand new 10,000 square ft. innovation hub/makerspace, creating a mentor engagement program for Johns Hopkins alumni, allocating $250,000+ in non-dilutive funding for promising student ventures, and launching a two-track accelerator program in order to help student entrepreneurs take their ventures to the next level.

My goal now is to use my experience gained while at JHU in order to assist other universities in their mission to create thriving university entrepreneurial ecosystems.

my Mission
My Services

Full Service Startup Program

I've worked with over 200 student entrepreneurs, and dozens of university startup centers. Here's how I can help: 


Straight from the Students

Sarah Lee
Co-founder/CEO @ Relavo

I have worked with Kevin for the past few years through FastForwardU at Johns Hopkins University. He’s been such a valuable resource to our team as we grew from an academic design project into a company, from providing us with pitch feedback, funding opportunities, and business model advice to just being a great sounding board through the entrepreneurial journey.

Kristopher Madu
Co-founder/CFO @ SameTunes

As an entrepreneur, everyday I face tough decisions. As a student entrepreneur, I navigate those tough decisions with limited prior experience. This is where mentorship comes into play. Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, Kevin has been one of my most impactful mentors. Kevin has guided my team and I in taking what at one point was just an idea to ultimately become a revenue generating and profitable business.

David Shi
Co-Founder/CEO @ Trimwire (YC W'20)

From helping us secure our first contract to connecting us with pre-seed funding, Kevin is always employing his experience, network, and time to advance our company. Having him in our corner has been key in our journey in becoming a sustainable, rapidly growing business. I fully recommend Kevin as a mentor, career coach, and advocate to any student seeking to take their business to the next level.


You Can Still Plan Programs in a Pandemic

Students are still yearning for the opportunity to launch and scale their startups, so it's time to create entrepreneurial programs that are adapted for the times.

While most universities have gone virtual this Fall, student entrepreneurship has adapted. Accelerators, pitch competitions, and workshops can all be done digitally.

I can help you to create and manage programming that keeps your student entrepreneurs engaged during COVID.

Frequently Asked
What type of colleges do you usually work with?
I can work with any type of university entrepreneurship center. However, my niche is helping those in small/medium-sized universities who are looking to launch innovative new programs such as an accelerator, pitch competition, or mentorship platform. I also do individual venture coaching with student entrepreneurs to ensure they're on the track towards success.
How are your services priced?
The first step is to schedule a time for a free consultation so that I can learn more about the specifics of your organization and what you might require. After that, I will send over a scope of work that details the exact deliverables of the engagement and how many hours it will take to get the job done. Depending on the program, my hourly rate ranges from $60 - 90.
Do you work with organizations other than student entrepreneurship centers?
Student entrepreneurship centers are my bread and butter, but much of the content or programming can be transferable to other organizations. For example, my Intro to Entrepreneurship workshop can be modified for middle/high school or after-school programs. I can also assist any organization that may want to establish a mentorship network between its current members and alumni partners. If you have any questions about whether I can work with you - just ask!
Do you provide any other services than the ones that are listed?
The listed services are my baseline offerings, though all of them can be tailored to your specific needs. I can offer workshops on a variety of entrepreneurial topics, run short or long term accelerators, or create customized pitch competitions. Just reach out and ask! I'll be up front and let you know if it's something outside my area of expertise.

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