Venture Coaching

Some student startups immensely benefit from having a personal coach and the accountability that comes along with it. I work with select student entrepreneurs to create OKRs that matter to their venture and help connect them to the necessary resources in order to accomplish them.

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What is Venture Coaching?

Large programs such as accelerators or workshops can be helpful for certain startups to gain skills, but sometimes a more personal touch is needed in order to help them make the type of progress that's truly transformative.

To accomplish this, I've become a believer in OKRs - Objectives & Key Results - as a way to plan, track, and ultimately measure that progress.

OKR Principles

OKRs were created by Andy Grove at Intel and popularized through John Doerr's how-to guide titled Measure What Matters. Companies of all sizes, such as a scrappy young startup named Google in the early 2000s to fellow current behemoths such as Amazon, Spotify, and Uber have incorporated OKRs in order to flourish.

First I will meet with the student founder to understand where they are right now and what they hope to accomplish in the next 3 months. Together, we will work to break those goals into Objectives and the Key Results that will indicate that those objectives are successful.

After creating these OKRs, I will schedule weekly check-ins with the student founder to understand the state of their objectives and see what other resources they might need in order to meet them.

I will work with a select number of startups to incorporate OKR principles that are relevant to their organization and then equip them with the resources to accomplish those objectives.